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About Us

Home Technology Club is a proudly, Australian-owned, family business with vast experience in wholesaling, distribution and importing/exporting across the globe for over 42 years.

We specialise in high quality expandable container home solutions at an extremely affordable price. We present a new paradigm in relocatable homes with our packages offering what you need to live where you want.

Frank Ferrara
Frank Ferrara, CEO & Founder
"Every Australian should be able to live comfortably wherever they want"
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Our Mission

Affordable housing is becoming more difficult to come by as house prices continue to rise in Australia. Many Australian's have begun to downsize from where they currently live or are looking at more affordable alternatives.

We believe that every Australian should be able to live comfortably where they want, without having to spend a fortune or stress about mortgage payments. That is why we are passionate in delivering what Australian's need to live comfortably and securely.

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Our Solution

Expandable container homes are increasing in popularity and are becoming the new norm in affordable housing and tiny home solutions. Our Violet expandable container home range offers everything Australian's want in a tiny home, at a fraction of the cost.

We work with top engineers to deliver our customers a product they can proudly call home. Say goodbye to home repayments and live comfortably inside a Violet expandable container home.


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