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Live The Off Grid Dream

Settling down and living off grid is a dream of many Australians. We're here to make that dream come true.

Escape from the noise and frantic lifestyle of the suburbs and find yourself living the dream in one of our Violet expandable container homes.

We believe that every Australian should be able to live comfortably where they want, without having to spend a fortune or stress about mortgage payments. That is why we are passionate in delivering what Australian's need to live comfortably and securely.

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Save Your Time, Save Your Money

Choosing the right expandable container home can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Instead of building, you can get the most value for your money with our affordable Violet range.

Coming in 20ft, 30ft and 40ft expandable container home sizes, the Violet can cater to all your home needs without having to empty your entire bank account.

Check out our pricing in the Violet brochure.

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We've Got What You Need

It can be tricky finding the right home appliances and amenities. We've got you covered with all you'll need to live off grid and self-sustaining.

Some of our self-sustainable options include:

  • Septic tanks
  • Solar hot water
  • Water tanks
  • Solar panels
  • Solar power battery storage

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